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Owner Todd Wardrope created TWVS after nearly a decade producing videos for non-profits and government organizations for Minneapolis Television Network. When he wasn’t running the camera, he was doing set production work on films such as Trauma and Mighty Ducks 3. This diverse set of skills has served him well as he produced hundreds of videos since striking out on his own in 2006. A very early adopter of online video, he’s watched with pride as video has grown into the dominant internet marketing medium.


As a creative lead, he’s developed successful video campaigns for Minnesota Private College Council, St. David’s Center, and Hamline University. Dental clinics, chiropractors, and other small businesses are among the several hundred business videos he’s produced. This work has received recognition on sites as diverse as Adweek and the The Washington Post.

Todd lives in South Minneapolis with his wife Melissa, their son Drake and a bevy of beasties.


Business Clients

Windrider, Inc.
AquaMedix, Inc.
Edina Realty
Flash & Bang
10 Missions Media
Dex Media
Zillow Real Estate
Vital Findings
Market JD
Crown Rental
St. Paul Automotive
Meisa Transportation
Media Relations, Inc.
Demand Media Studios
The Paver Doctor
Spotlight Business Solutions

…and others.

Non-Profit & Organizations

St. David’s Center
Minnesota Private College Council
Hamline University
University of Minnesota
Small Sums
Hennepin Theater Trust
Minnetonka Public Schools
Compassionate Action for Animals
Minnesota 100 Club
DeLaSalle High School
Listen to your Mother!
Urban Spectrum Theater


Story + Action

Quotes, questions and queries?



Prior preparation prevents poor performance.
Will I be able to access my raw video after the project?


Yes, we permanently archive projects and raw video after completion. This is stored on hard drives in a secure safe. Many companies will delete your media after final delivery. Experience has shown that our clients come back to revisit old projects to update or repurpose.

Who owns the rights to the video?


Your organization owns the rights to the edited video. Rights to the raw footage will vary on the contract. TWVS reserves the right to use the video for promotional purposes.

How many revisions do I get?


We do excellent work. Two revisions are included in every quote, and that is usually above what is needed.

What equipment do you use?


We have a variety of cameras in-house and approved rental access to many more. Unless specified by the client, we select camera and “look” according to budget and project. We have a wide selection of lighting and audio gear as well. On the post side, we are fluent in both Final Cut Pro and Premiere.

Can we provide you with other footage?


Yes, you can. Often this material has been created by an intern or student that doesn’t quite have the full range of skills to produce pro level video. We will work with this video to get it into shape, but it may incur extra expenses. Delivery of footage might require large HDD storage and shipping.

Can you re-edit another project?


This depends on the form the project is in. If you only have the final video, we are very limited with what we can do. If you have all the assets than we certainly can.

What are you payment terms?


30% Retainer to hold shoot date and begin pre-production, 30% due on wrap of production, 40% due on delivery of approved master files.

What is the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 4?


Please see the attached general rate card.

Will you do work in exchange for exposure?


Our work has been featured by MN Film and TV, Adweek and Washington Post among other outlets. We have produced many hundred of videos with several million views. Our job is to get you exposure. Not the other way around.

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