All kinds of content!
There's more to the web than video! I Know, right?

Written content works with image content. How can this help you?

A substantial part of what we do is creating content for online promotion. Most of this appears as videos we’ve shot, wrote or produced from the beginning. There is social media support for these projects, too, usually tweets, blog posts or Facebook updates.

Written¬†content is still very, very important to online marketing and promotion. Used in conjunction with other approaches, it is a great way to engage a wide audience and keep people interested. Video is awesome, but there are times when it just isn’t the correct option for the consumer. Sitting in a mandatory conference that is remedial at best? Headphones would be a dead giveaway, but some research on leading blogs would likely be a better use of your chair time. On a window shopping trip and afraid of looking too bored? Pop on a blog and digest some quick things to think about while the significant other is busy with the knitting needles or deer urine.

Here is collection of some of our written content:

For Twin Cities Daily Planet:

Twin Cities Film Festival

Twin Cities Film Fest, Pt. 2

Amira & Sam Film Promo

Transformers: Age of Extinction


For Twin Cities Geek:

“Vermin” Kickstarter

Seven Local Kickstarters


For L’Etoile:

Guide to Art-A-Whirl

Weekend What’s What