Crowd Funding Video

A look at the creating of a crowdfunding video for a non-profit.

Small Sums Indiegogo Crowdfunding Video:

Small Sums is a small non-profit organization whose footprint far exceeds their actual size. Every year they help hundreds of homeless people get jobs and move toward getting their lives back on track. They are aiming to crowdsource funding of around $29,000 which will give them funds to get at least 278 homeless people out of homelessness. They sit in a very important niche which government agencies and other non-profits do not, and cannot, handle effectively. They have an incredible lack of overhead, which means the money really does go to the clients, and it shows. Furthermore, as evidenced in the video, Terre Thomas, Executive Director, really does believe and enjoy what the organization does.

The address for the campaign is A small amount can make a tremendous difference.

About the video:

I produced a news story about Small Sums, and I was excited when they approached me about producing this video for their crowd funding campaign. We developed the project based on an outline and existing footage, but as the project entered production, we realized we needed to expand the scope of the project and the vision of the final edit. Inspiration during one of our shoots brought us the decision to ask Ray to provide the soundtrack, and that worked wonderfully. During post-production, we had another set of eyes provide some valuable editorial feedback, and we finished the whole project in around six weeks from start-to-delivery. 
I went for DSLR production on this one. This was for several reasons; including the popularity of the DSLR look among non-profits and crowd funding videos, the ability to generate portrait quality imagery, and the small spaces and short time windows we would be shooting in. This was a one-man band production, so I did sound, lighting and camera work for the entire project. I needed to travel light. 
I used the usual Sennheiser ENG kit for my wireless audio. I used the 4-light kit with an additional silver reflector to create a broader backlight. I didn’t have much control over the spaces we shot, but this quick set-up gave the video a bit of a sculpted look which I prefer. For the musical segment, I used a set of Shure SM58 vocal mics. I ran those mice into a mini-mixer and then on to a dedicated audio recorder. 
Cut this video on the venerable FCP7, used Motion for the CG work. FCP7 is really starting to show it’s age, and all signs point to Creative Cloud for the next stage. That’s a geeky aside, but worth mentioning. Anyway, finished the video after two revision passes and then mastered for YouTube distribution. Later on, we may reconfigure the video for additional outlets and audiences.
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