Expo as Social Media

Conventions and Expos are a great way for companies that don’t operate in the retail market to create a retail experience for their potential customers and clients. Customers can ask questions, often times see the product demonstrated, and get a feeling for the personality of the company. This may or may not be restating the obvious, but there is another aspect that is almost always overlooked by Expo participants and organizers. An expo is a great social media opportunity.

Customers can be encouraged to share their experiences or interact with an exhibitor on traditional social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or others. Another opportunity exists via YouTube and Facebook video. If the customer can easily access a video that encapsulates or enhances the booth experience after they leave, it allows them to share that experience in a branded way. Additionally, it allows them to re-experience the booth in a concentrated and entertaining (hopefully) way.

The overall result is that an expo could provide a concentrated boost in social media over the course of the event. This kind of attention drives Google, YouTube and will increase a companies organic reach for long after the actual expo.

Considering the relatively low cost for an expo video, there is a great opportunity for expo ROI for companies that choose to create one of these.

Samples of my expo work can be found on my YouTube channel and I can be reached via email or phone if you’d like to produce one of these videos. Additionally, I have agreements with several local event companies, so you may see me on the show floor, too!