Kickstarter Promo I: Flash & Bang
The Goal

Kickstarter and other crowd funding videos are a little different than business profiles. The goal is to capture the spirit of the business or project, but also inspire someone to become directly involved. This is about more than presenting a service. These videos are part advocacy and part marketing.

The Shoot

Generally, they say your crowdfund marketing should be 10% of your ask. Most efforts have a budget less than that, so it’s a matter of scale. However, video is one of the strongest tools that a crowdfunder can use, so it is a wise investment to make a solid video that can stand for before and after the actual campaign.

Because the goals and style can vary widely, the tier structure doesn’t work so well for these. We’ll quote a price on case-by-case basis. The examples shown here are in the $300-$1000 range.

Here’s a one-day shoot with moderate editorial work:


Other crowd funding videos: