Business Profile IV: Realtor
The Goal

Illustrate realtor’s personality and style for online directory.

The Video

This video was produced over two hours in a home in Minneapolis. There was slight prep of the speakers, but all content was pulled from interview on-location. This was shot on DSLR with wireless microphone and soft box lighting.

Here are some other videos in this style.

Business Profiles

These are the most common form of online video for small business. They have longer “legs” then one-off spots. They present the unique personality of your business and your products. This is a great way to give a human touch for businesses that are looking for new customers. Whether you star in their videos, or hire talent, your video will show what makes you different from others in your niche.

We offer a variety of price points that scale to each business need.

This is a good example of a Tier 1 video.

Tier 1: Begins at $300
Tier 2: Begins at $900
Tier 3: Begins at $2500
Tier 4: Begins at $5000