Wedding Video
The Goal

Capture the spirit and events of wedding day. Create a package that offers the highlights and the entirety of key moments.

The Shoot

Two camera minimim, most of these were shot with three or four HD cameras, wireless audio and support gear. We bring as much as we need but never so much as to be obtrusive. Wedding day isn’t about us.

Honestly, when I  started taking on wedding clients I shared the opinion of many outside of the wedding industry. Which is to say it is often rote and unglamourous work. After the first season, it became clear that it is anything but that. Every wedding is different and every wedding offers an opportunity to capture the magic of the day. Selfishly, it is also an opportunity to take some once-in-a-lifetime video that tells the story of your wedding in motion pictures.

Because of this, I bring my best to every wedding. There is no room for shortcuts in an often spontaneous event that happens once in a lifetime.


Additionally, we offer custom features such as preview interviews, cinematic scenes and other creative options.