Small Sums “Walk a Mile in my Shoes”
How can $20 change end homelessness?

We've created our first video for a Razoo crowdfunding campaign.

I’m very excited to have helped Small Sums out with another crowdfunding campaign. This time it is on the non-profit Razoo platform. Razor is more focused on causes than products, so it’s probably a better fit. Small Sums is a small organization that is helps homeless people with the small things they need to get and keep a job. Usually shoes, bus cards or work uniforms. The saying “a little goes a long way” is at the core of what Small Sums do on a daily basis.

For this “Walk a Mile in my Shoes” campaign they are raising funds to purchase all the shoes they will need to serve the estimated amount of clients they will have in the next year. We put together this video, essentially a mini-doc, to explain and promote what they are doing.

On the production side, this was a little more elaborate than some crowdsourcing videos. We had several days of shooting on different locations. Most importantly, they drafted a script for us to produce the video around. An essential roadmap for a project this ambitious.

Here’s the video: